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Trigger warning: Talks about eating disorders.

It wasn't like I said what was wrong to Mark. I tried endlessly to keep it from him, actually. It was my problem, not his. It was unfair to go to him and talk about anything about it. Food and I didn't really get along. I always liked food, sure. Who doesn't? But eating and I never really got along, I guess is a better way to put it. Long story short, I had an eating disorder. I wasn't skin and bones like those people you see on instagram or tumblr, but I lost a great deal of weight very fast and I obsessed over calories and keeping the weight I had gotten to to the point it took over a good deal of my life.

I guess Mark caught on eventually. I never thought he was stupid, but he never had never really been exposed to something like this either, so I assumed he wouldn't have caught on. I was wrong. Always wrong. He always knew. I was his best friend. Of course he would have noticed eventually. It was a while back. Our sophomore year of college. We met the summer before, in the freshmen orientation thing we were forced to go to.

"I'm worried about you (Y/N)," he said in barely a whisper.

"Mark I don't know what you mean."

"You don't seem to be eating at all. Like, at all. I haven't seen you eat in front of me in weeks and you suddenly lost at least 30 pounds in a month and a half." He ran he hand through his hair. I gave a half hearted laugh and scratched the back of my neck.

"It's just hard work-"

"No be honest with me. Are you eating?"

"Most of the time, yes."

"Most of the time" He gave a sad chuckle. The ones where you just let all the air out of your lungs into a sad smile. "So no, you're not." He turned to me. I stayed quiet. "Are you talking to someone? Are you getting hel, (Y/N)?."

"No. I'm not seeing anyone. But it's not a problem, I'm fine I finally like how I look-"

"It doesn't matter, you're not eating. If you're not going to get help, you could actually starve yourself to death here. I'm worried about you."

"Mark please don't worry about me I'm fi-"

"You don't really give me a fucking choice here, (Y/N)! I can't help but worry about you if you're not eating."

"I'm sorry. Please don't be that mad at me."

"I'm mad because I care about you." He sat down next to me and pulled me close to him. "Talk to someone about this. I'll be making sure you've eaten every time I see you." I opened my mouth to object. "No this isn't up for debate. You're getting help. I'm here. I care." And I just broke. I started crying. And crying. We sat there for a good hour until I had calmed down.

*present day*

I had come over to help him record a dance challenge with Tyler and Ethan. I was one of the "Special Guest Judge". I knocked on the door and waited for a response. Tyler opened the door and smiled, stepping aside to let me in.

"Mark's up in his room if you want to go see him" He said warmly.

"Thanks Tyler." I walked over to the stairs and climbed them, taking a left and knocking on his door.

"I'M NOT DECENT" He yelled. I heard a /thud/, and I chuckled at the thought that he probably just jolted himself out of bed and onto the floor.

"It's me Marki. You don't have to be decent." A pause.

"Yeah okay come in (Y/N)." I opened the door and he was ruffling through his dresser. I threw my bag and sat on his bed, curling my feet under me. He threw on a tshirt and some jeans and turned towards me. He lunged towards me, landing his hands on either side of my body. I leaned back and the bed shifted as he put all of his weight onto his hands -- his face barely an inch from mine. "Have you eaten today?"

"Uhm. I don't think so. What time is it?" I pulled my phone out.

"It's 2:30. Did you forget or were you avoiding food again?"

"I honestly forgot this time. I promise." I threw my hands up in defeat. He squinted at me, and then smiled. He pushed himself off his bed and threw his bedroom door open.

"Then it's settled! To the kitchen!"

I groaned. "Whhhyyy. I'm not hungry."

"Doesn't matter you're eating."

"You're an ass Mark."

"Just be thankful I don't ask you in front of people." I sigh. He was right. I push myself up with a huff, following him to the kitchen. "Do you want chinese? If you want to stay for dinner you could eat a snack now and then we could eat dinner for an actual meal or do you want an actual meal now?"

"Chinese later, I guess."

"Alright so we've got chips, I could make you a sandwich, we have pizza rolls-"

"Chicken nuggets?"

"We always have chicken nuggets." He smiled, pulling the freezer open. He set the oven and put the tray of nuggets in. "And now, we wait." I smiled.

The rest of the day went without a hitch...well, except for Tyler kicking Mark in the face by accident. But hey, dancing right? How much can you really ask for?
Since I haven't been active, I feel like it's appropriate to take some requests. A few simple rules:
1) Has to be something I write about already, fandom wise
2) Make it kinda short! I'll be less likely to take it if you already have the whole plot set out! So, maybe 4 sentences or less? Let me be creative somewhere! It's more fun for everyone!
3) No AUs, please. Sorry, that's just me. I don't enjoy writing them. Keep the plot from the world it's from (like if it's Avengers, the reader can have super powers. Youtubers? Not so much)
4) I will take 7 requests, because I already have an out-standing request from :iconsmollpanda: (sorry love; broke my laptop. Haven't gotten around to it. Easier to write on my laptop than my phone, where the last several fics have been written. I'll try to get it up within the next couple of days! <3)
5) I won't necessarily take the first 7 requests I get, I might pick and choose, depending on how many I get. <3

Fic 1: :iconsmollpanda: (avengers) Done!
Fic 2: :iconsassy-storm: (deadpool x shy!male!reader)
Fic 3: :iconfoxy-loves-markimoo: (Bi!Markiplier x Depressed!Bi!Reader)
Fic 4: Open
Fic 5: Open
Fic 6: Open
Fic 7: Open
Fic 8: Open

Good luck! :iconamazingheartplz:


I decided to start a commission for requests, to save up for a membership. Only if you want, if you don't have points, it's fine. Just drop me a comment and I'll do it. Just give me a character, or person, and a plot if you want, and ill get on it as soon as I can! Please no smut, or any r-rated plots though. Male cougar? Steve x Bi!readerSteve x Bi!reader
Sorry, I couldn't help my self, here's how you look: rainbow hair, angel bites and nose piercing, and and a tattoo of your choice. Your right eye is green, while your left eye is brown.
"Hey Nat." You asked tentatively to your friend, while draping your legs across hers.
"Yes, (Y/N)?" She asked cautiously.
"Is there a name for a male cougar?" You asked.
"A male cougar? Isn't is just a boy cougar?" She replied, confused.
"No, not the animal. You know, like when a some calls a woman a cougar because she likes younger men. Is there a guy version of that?" You explained.
"Hmm. No. I don't think so. Why?"
"Because I think Steve may have a crush on me. The only problem, is that he thinks I'm gay because I went out with that chick. Remember Amber?"
"Oh yea. Her." She hissed.
"Oh god, we're you going to kill her, then forget about it, and now that I've reminded you, your going to kill her?" You started to worry. Amber did cheat on you after all. But you thought that public hu
  the morning after. enterprise x readerThe morning after****
You woke up with a slight headache. "Oh, last night was epic. We need to do that again" you turned to your boyfriend, who got his ass kicked in a drinking contest last night, groaned. "Definitely not. Ve are not doing zat ever again" he mumbled into your neck. You laughed, pavel chekov, who had never lost a drinking contest, got his little Russian ass kicked at it. "Oh, come on chekov, it wasn't that bad!"
"Da! It vas!! My head is pounding!  Zat never happens!"
"Fine, we'll wait awhile before we do it again"
"Da" you got out of bed, and put on your uniform, and headed down to the bridge. Kirk, spock, sulu, uhura, McCoy, and Scotty were all sitting there. Well, more sitting with there heads down and groaning.
"Sup everyone?" You ask cheerfully.
"I'm sorry, darlin, but how are you in the mood you are, when you drank more than any of us?" McCoy mumbled, his southern accent seeping through.
"Because, even though I'm chekov's age, I can handle my liquor"
"Da, but


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I am a student writer, I guess I'll write a bunch of short stories and try to publish them one day. I am most definitely a punk, and I listen to the music you would think. Metalcore, Death Metal, punk rock, Pop Punk, good old fashioned rock and roll, etc. Anything loud. And a bit of alternative. I am pansexual, and I like to say I'm gender deviant, so if you gonna hate, go somewhere else. Drop a comment and say hello, I get bored! So...yeah. nice meeting you.


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