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Danny Avidan x Reader: Do It
"Dude, you're in fuckin' love," Arin said in between curses at Mario's inability to stay on falling platforms.
"Shut up, so are you," Danny countered, laughing when Arin inevitably fell into blue nothingness and out of a painting, losing a life.
"Yeah, but, like, it's a two-way street, man. She loves me, I love her."
"Yeah, okay..."
"But you, you know, you've got it one way. You fucking love her, but you don't know if she has it the same way. Literally everyone knows but her."
"Right, so you're saying..."
"I'm telling you to grow the fucking balls you're always singing about and tell her!" When Arin died again, he very nearly threw the controller. "Motherfucking-! No... I'm okay."
"Are you sure?" Danny asked.
"All I need is for Mario to save the fucking princess and just eat his cake. Please."
"You got this, man."
"Yeah, I got this. You don't."
"No, yeah, I mean, I probably couldn't get past the first star."
"No, I mean about the girl." Arin laughed. "You're... I mean, I won't say her
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AU!Danny AvidanxReader: Smokin' In The Drama Room
“Dan, I can’t today,” you said while he nudged you. “I’ve got homework, you know I’m failing math like a bitch.”
“Please?” he whined. “Even Suzy’s coming.” You scoffed.
“What’s that got to do with it?” Danny shrugged.
“I don’t know. The fact that she doesn’t usually come.”
“You mean that she never comes.”
“I’d take that conversation up with Arin, who, by the way, will also be there.” You outwardly groaned.
“I swear to God, I’m going to beat you,” you said. He mocked pain.
“Ouch,” he said playfully. “At least buy me dinner first.”
“I have. Twice.” He ran a hand through his bushy hair.
“And how many times did I drive you places you needed to go.”
“Oh, don’t start pulling that on me.” He smirked.
“I won’t...if you come.” You slammed closed your bo
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 3 2
Super Freak (Deadpool x M! Reader)
I sit on Deadpool's lap facing him with my legs on either side of his lap.
I'm currently watching all of his wounds heal after a particularly gruesome fight. He's getting blood all over the couch but that's why we got a red one.
Actually if I'm being quiet honest, this is one of my favorite pass times. It's become a sort of ritual for us. He'll come home and I'll watch his body heal itself and he'll count his money or something. He's always eager to show me.
Now, while looking at his quick healing is fascinating, I also get to look at his bare chest! His torso is rough and scarred and toned and muscular. All qualities that every attractive.
I trace my finger along a large gash that had healed while I was admiring his attractive physique.
Wade set down his money and looked up at the ceiling. He rested his arms loosely on my hips. This is the only time I see him so relaxed. It makes me happy to see him so soothed. I smile softly and kiss a spot on his chest were a bullet hole had healed.
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Danny Avidan x Reader: Girl All The Bad Guys Want
-8 o'clock, Monday night and I'm waitin'-
-To finally talk to a girl a little cooler than me-
-Her name is Nona, she's a rocker with a nose ring-
-She wears a two way, but I'm not quite sure what that means-
You were scary. Not scary like a ghost is scary, but intimidating enough to scare people away. You didn't have one of those demonic names, but that's not what people saw. They really only saw your ear spike and black clothes.
Well, everyone except Danny. He saw different.
-And when she walks-
-All the wind blows and the angels sing-
-She doesn't notice me-
No, you never really saw him before. He was kind of in the less intimidating punk group. You were too much for one single group to handle. Hell, you parted the hallway if you walked fast enough.
Danny didn't care. His leathery appeal didn't change much, but your otherwise spiky choker necklace changed it.
-Cause she is watchin' wrestling-
-Creamin' over tough guys-
-Listenin' to rap metal-
-Turntables in her eyes-
"You what?" Ari
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 16 5
Mature content
Red Lines Down My Skin, But It Will Be Over Soon :iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 2 0
Eleventh Doctor x Reader
     Bumping into the Doctor on the street was an accident. Seeing him at a party was a coincidence. Meeting him again before you died at the hands--well, eye stalk of a Dalek was fate. And now you stepped into the TARDIS, not knowing it would change your life forever.
    "Holy shi-" The Doctor quickly put his index finger on your lips. "I try to keep it PG here if you don't mind," he said and let go of your lips and turned away toward the middle of the TARDIS. You rolled your eyes, "How about R?" He Doctor spun around and took one long step back to you, slightly embarrassed by your question. "How about no." The Doctor's finger poked the top of your nose and then he was off again, walking to the middle of his TARDIS.
    The Doctor was already starting to think you would be different. First of all, you didn't run out and try to figure out how the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. Instead, you asked if it had WiFi.
    "You're standing in a ti
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Keep Khan and Klingon by Dave-Daring Keep Khan and Klingon :icondave-daring:Dave-Daring 9 0
I Can't Hear You pt.4: Sound
Life was certainly wonderful. Since your first date with Chekov, you two dined together every night you could manage to. Bones seemed proud of Pavel for finally finding someone and he was also protective of you, making the comment every so often that if Pavel ever hurt you, he “might have to accidentally send him into a cardiac arrest.”
Chekov was bashful around you, still, but you were comfortable with him; he didn’t mind if there was no talking sometimes. He liked to gift you with roses every once in a while; you never could figure out where he got them.
Whenever you were on the bridge, he’d smile and wave; the crew didn’t mind at all. It had been two months on the Enterprise and Captain Kirk had explored two uncharted planets already, always ready and anxious for the next one.
Every moment of every day spent floating in space was worth something to you; it was worth more than all your years on Earth, that world where no one knew you existed and no one c
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Loud - Leonard McCoy x Reader
Loud - Leonard McCoyxReader
 You let a muffled groan erupt from your blanket-covered form, it was already midnight and you just couldn't sleep. Not that you didn't want to, quite the opposite in fact, you had a lab to run in the morning and the perspective of doing so without a good night sleep wasn't appealing in the slightest. All you wanted right now was to close your eyes and escape the buzzing hive that was the Enterprise.
Unfortunately, the noise coming from your neighbour's quarters prevented you from fulfilling that simple wish. You could discern two voices arguing in Spock's room, you knew the first officer didn't rest that much and usually filled paperwork until some late hour or just quietly meditated but he wasn't one to receive company at night.
“I certainly won't, Captain.”
“Come on Spock! Don't make me order you...” The second voice, that you know were sure belonged to James T. Kirk, Captain of the
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Have You Eaten Markiplier x Recovering!Reader
Trigger warning: Talks about eating disorders.
It wasn't like I said what was wrong to Mark. I tried endlessly to keep it from him, actually. It was my problem, not his. It was unfair to go to him and talk about anything about it. Food and I didn't really get along. I always liked food, sure. Who doesn't? But eating and I never really got along, I guess is a better way to put it. Long story short, I had an eating disorder. I wasn't skin and bones like those people you see on instagram or tumblr, but I lost a great deal of weight very fast and I obsessed over calories and keeping the weight I had gotten to to the point it took over a good deal of my life.
I guess Mark caught on eventually. I never thought he was stupid, but he never had never really been exposed to something like this either, so I assumed he wouldn't have caught on. I was wrong. Always wrong. He always knew. I was his best friend. Of course he would have noticed eventually. It was a while back. Our sophomore ye
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idk what to name this tbh so hiiiiiiiiii
For once, I know happiness
Not happiness of my own, no
But the happiness when everything is just fine
The happiness of 3 am talks and staring at the stars
The happiness when you know life is going to turn out okay
The happiness of someone good being in your life
Because he is my savior
The one who notices my bad behavior
Who will point it out and let me cry
Just as I was getting ready to die
The one who makes me smile
When I'm in the bathroom holding the file
Against my skin as I prepare to sin
The pain I put upon my my wrists in pairs,
He tells me that we can share
The pain that I feel
And he starts to turn the wheel
Of my heart
Just as I was ready to part
And I may not be out yet
I still want to die everyday
I still want to cry and relapse everyday
But he allows me to wake up in the morning
Allows me to be happy
Gives me a reason to carry on
Gives me a reason to live
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 4 1
Piercings And Joints Chekov x Male!Reader
It had been a week since Chekov came home from The Enterprise. I look down at his head in my lap and I smile to myself, and I gentle pet his hair. He may be gone for years at a time but I was willing to wait. It's not like he could chose when he came home or not. I just kept myself available for the entirety of his home stay. I took a month off work for him. He was something else, I suppose.
"So did it hurt?" He asked, passing me the pipe. I took a deep inhale and exhaled, the smoke gathering around my face for a minute.
"Not too bad." I wiggle the industrial piercing around in my ear and I laughed. "It was a solid 30 seconds of pain, but not really bad pain. Just like..a 6 out of 10 type pain. Enough to make me clench my teeth and hiss but not enough for tears or screaming." He nods, holding his hand out. I hand the pipe back and he takes a long drag from it. The apartment had begun to smell, and ever since Chekov moved in with me, we had started associating the smell of weed as
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 17 1
The New Kid Part 3 Danny Avidan x Male!Punk!Reader
It had been a whole week since Arin had asked me to fill in for Kevin. I had fallen into the cast pretty well, if I did say so myself. I'd come in at 10, once everyone was there, I'd sit around for a while, since a lot of them were still recording, do some odd jobs, maybe take a walk around, and then I'd start editing a little bit after lunch. I had my headphones in as I came in a littler earlier than normal, I had nothing else to do, and I started dancing around. It was about 8 in the morning. I wasn't really a late sleeper.
I walked down the hall to my leather couch that I had claimed as my own and I saw it. The perfect spot. A huge, gigantic, bean bag chair. My eyes went wide. I had to sit in it. I had to. It was destiny. I walked over and looked at it. It could hold probably 3 people! I jumped onto it and landed with a soft crunch, and  I tucked my feet under myself, and rolled onto my side. I was more tired than I thought I was. I closed my eyes, deciding to take a short nap
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 25 6
Old Leg New Memories Tony Stark x Child!Reader
I look around the room, machines beeping everywhere. I stick my bottom lip out a little bit and I sniffle. I was only 10. Why did this have to happen. One of the nurses brought me a comic book a little while ago, and I picked it up and sifted through it. I told everyone I saw that Iron Man had saved me, but no one believed me. I was just a little kid in a problem with an imagination, they told me. One nurse told me "Really? That's awesome!" But I think she didn't believe me anyway. I curl up on my side, and rub my thigh. I went to grab my foot that hurt, but it wasn't there. The doctor told me that would happen. My foot would hurt even though it was no longer there. The building crushed everything below my knee, so now all I had was 3/4 of my upper leg. Iron man got me out, I know he did. But I didn't know how to prove it.
"(Y/N)?" I look up. "I'm Dr. Potash."
"Where's my mommy?" I ask. "Where's daddy?"
"Well, we're still fixing them. I know they're in good hands, though. They'll be ju
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 28 2
The New Kid Part 2 Danny Avidan x Male!Reader
I came back into the recording studio, Dan close at my heels. I closed the door a little harder than I meant to and I jumped with a small squeak. Dan chuckled.
"It was only the door calm down." He teased
"Hey I'm tough!" I puffed out my chest and stood on my toes, looking up at him with a pout. He looked down at me. Even on my toes he was still several inches taller, and he laughed.
"Sure sure."
"Hey! I'm the evil-y evilest, I'll have you know." Arin came around the corner.
"You sleep with a teddy bear, (M/N)"
"He is the second in command to my league of darkness!!!" I raised my voice and put my fist on my hip, trying to look regal and and scary. Arin laughed.
"Also, "Tall One"? Really? Did he not tell you his name?"
"He did but I also thought you would find it funny with I called him "Tall One". He is tall." I pointed to Dan.
"Well tall to you..." He mumbled.
"DON'T BRING MY HEIGHT INTO THIS HANSON." Dan looked back and forth between the two of us, watching our interaction with glee.
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 20 3
The New Kid Part 1 Danny Avidan x Punk!Male!Reader
I walked into the recording studio, and gently closed the door. My boots making a quiet clunk with every step as I looked around the different rooms.
"Arin?" I called. A head popped out from around a corner.
"Ah! (M/N)! You're here!" I chuckled slightly.
"Yes, yes I am. Why did you need me?" I tilted my head.
"Kevin is out of town but we need like 40 different episodes edited so I was wondering if you could help me with it." I crossed my arms.
"And by "help you" do you mean I do all the work while you eat a sandwich?" He scratched the back of his head.
"Yeah.." I let out a huff.
"Alright. I'll do it." He jumped up and ran towards me, picking me up in a hug.
"You're the best!" I laugh.
"Arin I can't breath.." He put me down.
I had set up a spot on the leather couch they had in the corner; my laptop in front of my with my feet tucked under me as I went through all the hour long gaming sessions they had and I split them up accordingly.
"Hey Kevin can you put a pict
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 29 12
Mature content
Let Me Show You Christian Coma x Reader :iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 10 1
I find comfort in songs about my pain
I find comfort in the words that go unsaid
I find comfort in 3 am tears that burn my eyes and
I find comfort in the feeling of my lungs burning from crying,
I find comfort in things that shouldn't provide
My way of dealing is different
I lock myself away
I cause pain to myself
Because did you know I want to know I still bleed
That I'm still alive
I push everyone out
And I blast the thoughts out
So listen to the music I play
Because they'll say the words I'm too afraid
My pain is a different story
My back hurts when it shouldn't
Memories attached to the pain
My legs hurts
My head hurts from too much booze I shouldn't have
My lungs hurt from the cigarette I had
My eyes hurt from the tears
My body hurts from my self destruction
My wrists now hurt and are wet and red and sticky
My pain is caused by me
My lungs feel empty
My heart weights a ton
My body is too much to move
And my brain is foggy
My body is telling me it's there when it isn't
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 6 0
Nights and Ships Clint Barton x Male!Reader
It was 3 am and I couldn't sleep. Again. I groan and defiantly push myself off my bed.
"Fuck it" I mumble. I grab my headphones and a hoodie, quickly zipping the hoodie up and I let a deep breath out. I open the doors to my room and I quietly make my way past people's rooms and to the stair well. I race up the stairs and I stop at the top, opening the door and the cold, night air hitting my face. I look up at the sky, trying to find a higher point for me to sit on and watch. The roof goes out into a point, jutting out to the right. I carefully walk out to the tip, my arms out, trying to keep my balance. I hear a door close and a stumble, my foot losing balance and I slip off. I take a sharp breath as I catch myself with my hands on the edge. Looking down at the 300 feet below me, I try and pull myself up. I swing my legs up, and push my body up. My torso hits the gravel and I take several deep breaths, pushing myself to my feet.
"(M/N)?" Clint asks. I storm over to him.
"Asshole" I spi
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 66 1
Rick Rolling James Aubrey x Twin!Male!Reader
"Hey Jimmy!" I call to the other room. I hear some shuffling and his figure appears in the doorway.
"I finally figured out the cords to Smells Like Teen Spirit!" I chirp happily. He nods, non-verbally telling me to go on. I strum the beginning, letting the intro build up.
"Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and deser-"
"FOR GOD'S SAKE (M/N)!" I start laughing. "Really? You'd betray my trust like that?" I laugh and roll on my side and start to roll off the bed. I grab the air as I fall to the other side.
"JIMMY HELP!" My call was left unanswered as he left the room.
"YOU DESERVED THAT" I start laughing again.
"You can never get enough Rick!" I call. I hear steps coming back in and he jumps on my bed and picks up a pillow.
"Jimmy you wouldn't!" I hold my arms up to defend my face as I take my punishment with peals of giggles.
~the next day~
James was on a case, working hard, from what I could see about 10 feet behind him. I look at Booth and he was re
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 10 6
I'm Sorry For Being A Bother
I'm sorry for all the things I couldn't say
I'm sorry for all the days I was stuck in my ways
For when the dark took over me
For when you had to say that we were no longer we
I'm sorry for all the times I couldn't get out of bed
I'm sorry for the time we spent when we were to be wed
For when I broke the champagne glass
For when I kept falling back on my ass
I'm sorry that I was a hopeless cause
I'm sorry that I lashed out like a pack of dogs
That I stayed up all night
And that when I gave up I gave you a fright
I'm sorry for all the days you thought I could get better
I'm sorry I ever took a pen to that letter
For the days you saw the red and chose to say nothing
For the days you were busying trying to get me to eat something
I'm sorry that I had no other choice
I'm sorry the voices in my head were too much noise
That I decided to seal my fate
On today, of all dates
I'm sorry for all the things I couldn't say
I'm sorry that I couldn't stay
But I'm in a better place than where I was
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 10 1
Just A Song
It's no longer just a song when you scream it out of your lungs at 3 am
When "that song" has been listened to so many times while you were crying
When "that song" has so many memories attached the minute you hear it, it all comes flooding back
It's no longer "just a song" when it can stop you from doing unspeakable things
When people don't understand
When people cast you away
The song is there to mask the sound of choked tears at midnight
When it can keep your demons at bay
It's no longer "just a song" when you scream it so loud your lungs physically ache
When it brings emotions that only it could bring
When you sing it so loud, so many times, your throat is on fire
When it can make you sing through the pain
It's no longer "just a song" when it's no longer "just a band"
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 9 2
I Dont Need Help Dean Winchester x Disabled!Reader
"Hey Garth do you know anyone in the Chicago area? Sammy and I need some help and a nest of vamps..."
"Oh! Yeah! (M/N) is good. He grew up there so he can act as a tour guide as well! He's kinda young, only 19, but I promise, he's good at what he does."
"Cool. Thanks, man." Dean hangs up his phone and revs the engine of the Impala, and looks over at Sam, who managed to fall asleep after lunch. He smiles to himself.
I stand up, grabbing my cane on the way up, and walk towards the kitchen for a beer; my cane acts as a 3rd leg, and I put some pretty obvious weight on it. I lean on my cane and grab a beer from the fridge, making my way back to the couch and I land with a huff. I look at the cane that has helped me for so long; I made it when I was 14, right after my leg started showing signs of giving out. The wood was carved from an Oak tree that used to live outside my house, and I stained it black and gave it a marble handle so it fit nicely in my hand.
I sigh and pop the beer ope
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 69 8
Lookalikes James Aubrey x Male!Twin!Reader
I sit at the bar, waiting for my brother to come back. I hear the door open and I bring the fork full of food to my mouth when I hear
"Aubrey!" I turn around with a mouth full of food. "Really? Again? Don't you ever stop eating?" I chew my food and swallow, looking at the man. I couldn't recognize him. But I realized he probably thought I was my brother. I was slightly shorter, but we looked exactly the same-twins and all that.
"Booth!" James calls. The man spins on his heels.
"Aubrey?" He looks back to me.
"I see you've met my brother, (M/N)"
"Wait wait wait, hold on, brother?" I smile.
"We're twins. He's slightly taller than me." I stand, and look up to James; I only come up to his shoulder but we looked strikingly similar. His phone starts to ring and Booth answers it, putting up his hand to signal "hold on"
"Did he think you were me again?" I nodded, laughing.
"I was ready to play your part for you." He ruffled my hair.
"My place around 8?" I nodded.
"Sure thing." I smiled and wigg
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 15 2
Hospitals pt 2 Spencer Reid x Male!Reader
I was sat up in bed, signing along to All Time Low's "I Feel Like Dancin'" happily. I learned sign language as a child, and I just kept it up. It was very therapeutic on the days my shoulder didn't want to re-learn movement and I ended up breaking down. 2 weeks after the car accident, and it looked like I was in here for the long run. The music died down and Set It Off's "Why Worry" filled the air, so I signed that, even though I wasn't as good.
As the song slows, I hear clapping from my door. I jump slightly and see Reid holding himself up on his cane again. He picks up the 2 coffee's in the cardboard drink tray and holds on of them out to me.
"I thought I'd come see you again. I still have to take you to breakfast."
"Oh hospital breakfast! What a joy!" I said sarcastically. He laughed.
"That's why I brought you breakfast." I cocked my head slightly. He pulled a paper bag out of his bag and I took the coffee.
"Oh my god I've missed this so much!" I pulled a donut out of the b
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 40 4



Trigger warning: Talks about eating disorders.

It wasn't like I said what was wrong to Mark. I tried endlessly to keep it from him, actually. It was my problem, not his. It was unfair to go to him and talk about anything about it. Food and I didn't really get along. I always liked food, sure. Who doesn't? But eating and I never really got along, I guess is a better way to put it. Long story short, I had an eating disorder. I wasn't skin and bones like those people you see on instagram or tumblr, but I lost a great deal of weight very fast and I obsessed over calories and keeping the weight I had gotten to to the point it took over a good deal of my life.

I guess Mark caught on eventually. I never thought he was stupid, but he never had never really been exposed to something like this either, so I assumed he wouldn't have caught on. I was wrong. Always wrong. He always knew. I was his best friend. Of course he would have noticed eventually. It was a while back. Our sophomore year of college. We met the summer before, in the freshmen orientation thing we were forced to go to.

"I'm worried about you (Y/N)," he said in barely a whisper.

"Mark I don't know what you mean."

"You don't seem to be eating at all. Like, at all. I haven't seen you eat in front of me in weeks and you suddenly lost at least 30 pounds in a month and a half." He ran he hand through his hair. I gave a half hearted laugh and scratched the back of my neck.

"It's just hard work-"

"No be honest with me. Are you eating?"

"Most of the time, yes."

"Most of the time" He gave a sad chuckle. The ones where you just let all the air out of your lungs into a sad smile. "So no, you're not." He turned to me. I stayed quiet. "Are you talking to someone? Are you getting hel, (Y/N)?."

"No. I'm not seeing anyone. But it's not a problem, I'm fine I finally like how I look-"

"It doesn't matter, you're not eating. If you're not going to get help, you could actually starve yourself to death here. I'm worried about you."

"Mark please don't worry about me I'm fi-"

"You don't really give me a fucking choice here, (Y/N)! I can't help but worry about you if you're not eating."

"I'm sorry. Please don't be that mad at me."

"I'm mad because I care about you." He sat down next to me and pulled me close to him. "Talk to someone about this. I'll be making sure you've eaten every time I see you." I opened my mouth to object. "No this isn't up for debate. You're getting help. I'm here. I care." And I just broke. I started crying. And crying. We sat there for a good hour until I had calmed down.

*present day*

I had come over to help him record a dance challenge with Tyler and Ethan. I was one of the "Special Guest Judge". I knocked on the door and waited for a response. Tyler opened the door and smiled, stepping aside to let me in.

"Mark's up in his room if you want to go see him" He said warmly.

"Thanks Tyler." I walked over to the stairs and climbed them, taking a left and knocking on his door.

"I'M NOT DECENT" He yelled. I heard a /thud/, and I chuckled at the thought that he probably just jolted himself out of bed and onto the floor.

"It's me Marki. You don't have to be decent." A pause.

"Yeah okay come in (Y/N)." I opened the door and he was ruffling through his dresser. I threw my bag and sat on his bed, curling my feet under me. He threw on a tshirt and some jeans and turned towards me. He lunged towards me, landing his hands on either side of my body. I leaned back and the bed shifted as he put all of his weight onto his hands -- his face barely an inch from mine. "Have you eaten today?"

"Uhm. I don't think so. What time is it?" I pulled my phone out.

"It's 2:30. Did you forget or were you avoiding food again?"

"I honestly forgot this time. I promise." I threw my hands up in defeat. He squinted at me, and then smiled. He pushed himself off his bed and threw his bedroom door open.

"Then it's settled! To the kitchen!"

I groaned. "Whhhyyy. I'm not hungry."

"Doesn't matter you're eating."

"You're an ass Mark."

"Just be thankful I don't ask you in front of people." I sigh. He was right. I push myself up with a huff, following him to the kitchen. "Do you want chinese? If you want to stay for dinner you could eat a snack now and then we could eat dinner for an actual meal or do you want an actual meal now?"

"Chinese later, I guess."

"Alright so we've got chips, I could make you a sandwich, we have pizza rolls-"

"Chicken nuggets?"

"We always have chicken nuggets." He smiled, pulling the freezer open. He set the oven and put the tray of nuggets in. "And now, we wait." I smiled.

The rest of the day went without a hitch...well, except for Tyler kicking Mark in the face by accident. But hey, dancing right? How much can you really ask for?
Since I haven't been active, I feel like it's appropriate to take some requests. A few simple rules:
1) Has to be something I write about already, fandom wise
2) Make it kinda short! I'll be less likely to take it if you already have the whole plot set out! So, maybe 4 sentences or less? Let me be creative somewhere! It's more fun for everyone!
3) No AUs, please. Sorry, that's just me. I don't enjoy writing them. Keep the plot from the world it's from (like if it's Avengers, the reader can have super powers. Youtubers? Not so much)
4) I will take 7 requests, because I already have an out-standing request from :iconsmollpanda: (sorry love; broke my laptop. Haven't gotten around to it. Easier to write on my laptop than my phone, where the last several fics have been written. I'll try to get it up within the next couple of days! <3)
5) I won't necessarily take the first 7 requests I get, I might pick and choose, depending on how many I get. <3

Fic 1: :iconsmollpanda: (avengers) Done!
Fic 2: :iconsassy-storm: (deadpool x shy!male!reader)
Fic 3: :iconfoxy-loves-markimoo: (Bi!Markiplier x Depressed!Bi!Reader)
Fic 4: Open
Fic 5: Open
Fic 6: Open
Fic 7: Open
Fic 8: Open

Good luck! :iconamazingheartplz:


I decided to start a commission for requests, to save up for a membership. Only if you want, if you don't have points, it's fine. Just drop me a comment and I'll do it. Just give me a character, or person, and a plot if you want, and ill get on it as soon as I can! Please no smut, or any r-rated plots though. Male cougar? Steve x Bi!readerSteve x Bi!reader
Sorry, I couldn't help my self, here's how you look: rainbow hair, angel bites and nose piercing, and and a tattoo of your choice. Your right eye is green, while your left eye is brown.
"Hey Nat." You asked tentatively to your friend, while draping your legs across hers.
"Yes, (Y/N)?" She asked cautiously.
"Is there a name for a male cougar?" You asked.
"A male cougar? Isn't is just a boy cougar?" She replied, confused.
"No, not the animal. You know, like when a some calls a woman a cougar because she likes younger men. Is there a guy version of that?" You explained.
"Hmm. No. I don't think so. Why?"
"Because I think Steve may have a crush on me. The only problem, is that he thinks I'm gay because I went out with that chick. Remember Amber?"
"Oh yea. Her." She hissed.
"Oh god, we're you going to kill her, then forget about it, and now that I've reminded you, your going to kill her?" You started to worry. Amber did cheat on you after all. But you thought that public hu
  the morning after. enterprise x readerThe morning after****
You woke up with a slight headache. "Oh, last night was epic. We need to do that again" you turned to your boyfriend, who got his ass kicked in a drinking contest last night, groaned. "Definitely not. Ve are not doing zat ever again" he mumbled into your neck. You laughed, pavel chekov, who had never lost a drinking contest, got his little Russian ass kicked at it. "Oh, come on chekov, it wasn't that bad!"
"Da! It vas!! My head is pounding!  Zat never happens!"
"Fine, we'll wait awhile before we do it again"
"Da" you got out of bed, and put on your uniform, and headed down to the bridge. Kirk, spock, sulu, uhura, McCoy, and Scotty were all sitting there. Well, more sitting with there heads down and groaning.
"Sup everyone?" You ask cheerfully.
"I'm sorry, darlin, but how are you in the mood you are, when you drank more than any of us?" McCoy mumbled, his southern accent seeping through.
"Because, even though I'm chekov's age, I can handle my liquor"
"Da, but


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I am a student writer, I guess I'll write a bunch of short stories and try to publish them one day. I am most definitely a punk, and I listen to the music you would think. Metalcore, Death Metal, punk rock, Pop Punk, good old fashioned rock and roll, etc. Anything loud. And a bit of alternative. I am pansexual, and I like to say I'm gender deviant, so if you gonna hate, go somewhere else. Drop a comment and say hello, I get bored! So...yeah. nice meeting you.


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